Santa’s Helper

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The Elf is back! This time with friends and you just HAVE to read about them! 

~~ 🎄 🎅🏼 🎁

Our kids all love waking up each morning to find out what mischief our elf has been up to! And although as parents this tradition might be one that we love to hate, we all know that we are building memories and stories for years to come.

And now you can personalize your child’s memories with the different colors and personalities that we didn't have before! Bring home 2 or 3, or the whole clan, and explorer the limitless possibilities that their combined personalities bring to your Christmas memories!

• The Boys

Simi - The original Elf, Dressed in RED, he is full of mischief and fun!

Legolas - Dressed in GREEN, he loves all of Nature!

Bailin- Dressed in CAMO, he is excellent at keeping out of Sight!

Wade - Dressed in RED, he is always ready to go where no others dare!

Pippin - Dressed in BLUE, he loves all things winter!

The Girls

Tara - Dressed in RED, Tara is the wise leader of all the elves!

Lindi -Dressed in RED, Lindi is obsessed with music and beautiful things!

Anna - Dressed in PURPLE, she loves to give gifts and surprises!

Elva - Dressed in PINK, she is kind and a friend to all!

Lia - Dressed in CHEETAH, Lia is the fashionista of the clan!